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    Wootton Eastern Athletic Conference
    I said, "Johnny, whatcha doing tonight?"
    He looked at me with a face full of fright,
    And I said, "how about a revolution?"
    And he said, "right."
    That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
    I feel home when I see the faces that remember my own
    I feel home when I'm chillin outside with the people I know
    I feel home, and that's just what I feel
    Home, to me, is reality and all I need is something real
    I Feel Home
    Red Rock Mountain West
    Black Rock Mill Valley North
    Hey son, go to California, dance with the angels, dress how you wanna
    Anyway, just like the river starts with the raindrops, you make it better
    Papa said, "Son, fight like the great ones, keep your chin tucked, just like I taught ya."
    Well, in the end, my friend, we will all be together again
    City On Down
    Road Outside Columbus Central Division