01/19/09 The Depot
O.A.R. Live at the Depot in Salt Lake City, Utah on January 19th, 2009


  1. This Town
  2. Destination
  3. One Shot
  4. Living in the End
  5. Whose Chariot
  6. Risen
  7. About Mr Brown
  8. The Fallout
  9. So Moved On
  10. About An Hour Ago
  11. What Is Mine
  12. I Feel Home
  13. Hey Girl
  14. Shattered
  15. War Song
  16. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
  17. Love and Memories

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We attended this show with a group of pals and purchased the wristband at the end of the performance. I love listening to this show over and over and over again. The crowd energy mixed with the interaction from the band gives me chills and reminds me of why I love OAR and all live music in general. You need to hear this show! Especially if you were there...