01/31/16 Marathon Music Works


Love it, So Moved on is excellent...Hope you guys will play that song in Seattle on 9-21-16
Solid show overall.

Fan-picked setlist was overall a good mix of old, new, and rare, though 3 of the fan picked songs weren't played, likely due to the vibe of the crowd. Nathan Chapman coming out as a guest has started to become a staple of Nashville shows, and always adds a new level of depth to the songs he's written with the band. The show also features the debut of "I Go Through," which sounds like a song with a huge amount of potential.

Seeing the set run a bit longer, from 2 hours last time the guys were in Nashville to 2 hours 15 minutes was a definite positive.

Other notes:
Track 2 is Love and Memories and On Top The Cage.