02/03/06 Memorial Auditorium
O.A.R. Live at the Memorial Auditorium in Burlington, Vermont on February 3rd, 2006


  1. 52-50
  2. Wonderful Day
  3. Destination
  4. About An Hour Ago
  5. Old Songs Vs New Songs And Some Intros
  6. King Of The Thing
  7. One Shot
  8. Right On Time
  9. Heard The World Introduction
  10. Heard The World
  11. City On Down 59th St Bridge Intro
  12. Thanking SK6 And Burlington
  13. Lay Down
  14. That Was A Crazy Game
  15. Mr Moon
  16. Hey Girl
  17. Dakota Introduction
  18. Dakota
  19. Love And Memories
  20. Black Rock Introduction
  21. Black Rock


This was my First O.A.R. show every i have seen them 10 times since and this one had to be easily one of their best. I really wish they would come back to Memorial Auditorium again they use to every year. It was unbelievable