07/11/14 Nikon at Jones Beach Theatre


Sorry what a joke u guys saying they played a awful setlist. A dmb doesn't care. They play bad setlist now oar Cares and always will the a one of the best live bands around. Man. Dmb is a band that lost there love for playing oar still cares alot the new album shows it how good it is 18 years and still putting out amazon albums
R u guys kidding me they have 2 play the new album which is a great album and they been playing great show. What a joke u day set been awful
@brown - agreed....this summer tour their setlists have been sub-par; i'd rate this tour 2 out of 5 maybe even 2 out of 10....just aweful. last summer was KICKASS!
they need to step up their game BIG TIME and start rockin setlists that last 2.5 hours like DMB. DONE
Weak show. Exact same setlist as other shows, Marc too laid back, not enough Jerry... weak.