07/14/07 Red Rocks Amphitheatre

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Wonderfully amazing! Love OAR. Having a full blown love afair!
They're all good, .....every show, .....every song !!!!
Great show I was there it was sick although i wish the download had the shattered and Mr.Brown but thats ok still a great recording
This is a great show!! This was way worth the download even when it wasn't free!
Great show@
OAR @ Red Rocks? Heaven.
I am attending the show June 5, 2009!! So happy this site is up and running!
I was at this concert! OAR Live is hands down the best band live! I have seen OAR at three different venues and Red Rocks has been the best experience by a mile!
So freaking happy this site is up and running! Nothing beats you guys live.
This is awesome! O.A.R. sounds sooo good live its rediculous. The performance at Red Rocks sounds amazing.
Gostei deste show, a qualidade do som está muito boa, espero que eles venham para o Brasil.

Estou divulgando a banda por aqui, e todos estão gostando, muito bom mesmo. Estou torcendo para que O.A.R. venha para o Brasil e especialmente para a minha linda cidade, com belissimas praias e muito sol.
I liked this show, the sound quality is very good, I hope they come to Brazil.

I am sharing the band here, and everyone is like, very good. I'm rooting for O.A.R. Come to Brazil and especially to my beautiful city with beautiful beaches and much sun.
Awesome show! The sound quality is really good. It's about as close to CD quality as you can get. Dareh Meyod with the 34th and 8th intro never gets old for me.

I like cover "The Downeaster 'Alexa'" too.
I'm so happy to FINALLY have a recording of this show! Brought back a lot of great memories from that night as soon as I listened to it. They even kept the part where Marc comments about only having one first at Red Rocks, they will always remember it, and thanked the fans for making it happen. We talked to him when he was in Vail for closing weekend and he said Red Rocks was one of his favorite places he has played.
The recording sounds great! Really happy I was able to get a high quality recording of this great show...and for free! Thanks guys.

Its great to relive the show and I can't wait for June 5th!
Great show and their first at Red Rocks. Augustana opened up an I have grown to love them as well. This show had the best poster for any O.A.R. concert that I have ever seen.