07/26/14 Chastain Park Amphitheater


"While my guitar gently weeps" was AMAZING, BUT, OAR seemed rushed throughout the rest of the concert. Great venue, but having a curfew put a damper on what should have been a memorable night. Phillip Phillips running long negatively affected the rest of the night.
The show was good, but it was definitely cut short due to the curfew and Phillip Phillips' set going well over 30 minutes over what it should have been, per the schedule we saw in the production office on the way into the VIP. There was plenty of energy, but the crowd was left bewildered at the end of the show.

Rating this one -
Rarity: 2 stars
Length: 1 star
Song Quality: 4 stars
Crowd Energy: 4 stars
Grumpy Cat Memes in the venue: 5 stars

Overall: 3 stars.
Even up against a curfew O.A.R. put on an amazing show! Great way to end the summer.