08/03/13 PNC Bank Arts Center

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ANOTHER EPIC OAR CONCERT FOR PNC!!!! Great setlist!! IMO SPAC was a bit better setlist wise but still a decent setlist!! It was really cool and great to hear I WILL FIND YOU and MORNING SONS for my first time in person! Classy and quality songs! Was great they played PEACE - very chill! Could have passed on HEARD THE WORLD - veto lol. I wish Mikel Paris played the organ intro on City On Down like he did at SPAC. City On Down lacks without the organ intro IMO. In related news - I got to meet and chill with Mikel Paris for a little while during the Andrew McMahon set. I got to take a photo with him. See my photo with him on my instagram page: @dmbgreystreet
It was great to hear WONDERFUL DAY again. That song is pretty jammin. Always fun to hear it. Haven't experienced that one in a while.
The encore was DOWN RIGHT EPIC!!! I COMPLETELY predicted that entire encore - I know no one will believe me but it's true! After experience SPAC's encore, PNC's encore was COMPLETELY predictable - BUT KICKASS nonetheless. I knew they would play the same encore as SPAC but swapping out LIVE
just a great show....Jerry was off the charts...