08/09/09 Saratoga Performing Arts Center
O.A.R. Live at the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in Saratoga, New York on August 9th, 2009


  1. About An Hour Ago
  2. On Top The Cage
  3. Hey Girl
  4. Conquering Fools
  5. Patiently
  6. Lay Down
  7. Love And Memories
  8. On My Way
  9. This Town
  10. About Mr Brown
  11. Black Rock
  12. Love Is Worth The Fall
  13. Shattered
  14. War Song
  15. With A Little Help From My Friends
  16. That Was A Crazy Game Of Poker
  17. Night Shift


GREAT SETLIST! every song was SOLID; A-GAME throughout; however the band needs to step up to DMB standards and rock 2 hour main sets and then however long they want for the encore. 90 minutes for the main set was weak. War Song was BADASS; THEY ROCKED THE F-out on that at the end. It was cool during WAR SONG that they showed photos up on the HD screens of our troops overseas and what environment they are dealing with. I just wish they busted out the HD screens sooner; the HD screens have alot of potential. I hope they keep them. Slowly but surely they are improving on their visual concert experience. One thing that would put it over the top is for them to have more videographers to film the band so they can be seen on the HD screens...like the DMB shows; other than that the band is doing really well and love the 3-act sets: band -> acoustic -> band. It was nifty to see ON MY WAY transition from acoustic to band. The crew for the band was ON POINT. encore was solid; WITH A LITTLE HELP OF MY FRIENDS was SOLID; BEST VERSION yet. side note: WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS, POKER, and NIGHT SHIFT were the encore songs; so this setlist should be modded to reflect it; the encore break was like 2 minutes but still an encore break.