08/12/09 Bethel Woods Center for the Arts
O.A.R. Live at the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts in Bethel, New York on August 12th, 2009


  1. Revisited
  2. Night Shift
  3. Whatever Happened
  4. Risen
  5. Dareh Meyod
  6. Rythym Of Your Shoes
  7. Hey Girl
  8. Love And Memories
  9. On My Way
  10. Shattered
  11. Lay Down
  12. So Moved On
  13. Love Is Worth The Fall
  14. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
  15. With A Little Help From My Friends
  16. City On Down
  17. About An Hour Ago


My first show, and it was awesome. Great venue, great night.
This was my fourth show including the big one at MSG (5th row!). It was going to be hard to top that show because of the sheer magnitude of how important that show was to the band and myself as a fan. Bethel Woods was the perfect atmosphere for the music of OAR. The show was awesomely produced and they pretty much covered all the old classics that I had not had a chance to hear live before. They were really in their groove tonight and the venue was beautiful! and clean! Spent hours in the car to get there, but it was worth every microsecond! The Woodstock Museum was awesome and I hope they decide to go back there again. It really did feel like hallowed ground. Keep on Rockin! Can't wait for number 5!