08/13/09 Bank of America Pavilion
O.A.R. Live at the Bank of America Pavilion in Boston, Massachusetts on August 13th, 2009.


  1. The Wanderer
  2. Untitled
  3. Something Coming Over
  4. Someone In The Road
  5. Whose Chariot
  6. I Feel Home
  7. What Is Mine
  8. Hey Girl
  9. On My Way
  10. Shattered
  11. About Mr Brown
  12. Wonderful Day
  13. Love Is Worth The Fall
  14. War Song
  15. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
  16. Dareh Meyod
  17. City On Down


Awesome show. Had front row seats and it was nuts. The Pavilion is such a sweet place to see a concert, highly recommend it.
Great show!!!!!!!! Well worth 35 for the tickets and 9 for the cd
Great Show!