08/18/09 Festival Pier At Penn's Landing
O.A.R. Live at the Festival Pier At Penn's Landing in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on August 18th, 2009


  1. Revisted
  2. Night Shift
  3. Black Rock
  4. Road Outside Columbus
  5. Something Coming Over
  6. I Feel Home
  7. Hey Girl
  8. What is Mine
  9. On My Way
  10. Shattered
  11. About Mr Brown
  12. Heard The World
  13. Patiently
  14. War Song
  15. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
  16. Dareh Meyod
  17. Lay Down
  18. This Town


Unbelievable performance, great energy opening with revisted into 3am, acoustic section with awesome hey girl, the sax is absolutely stunning throughout especially the dj logic remix of dareh meyod, great play list and overall performance. crowd didnt react as much as they should have to the music, but they were young and it was raining, however i give 5 stars without a doubt
Awesome show. Lots of energy. If anyone's wondering who Marc is talking to after Something Coming Over and before I Feel Home, it's me =)
Awesome show overall. Big fan of DJ Logic putting a little twist to my favorite, Dareh Meyod. Only negative was how young the crowd was.
Absolutely insane show. Sick setlist. Band played great. Crowd sucked but who cares. Road Outside Columbus was amazing