09/16/10 House of Blues Orlando
O.A.R. Live at the House Of Blues in Lake Buena Vista, Florida on September 16th, 2010


  1. City On Down
  2. Dareh Meyod
  3. Missing Pieces
  4. Conquering Fools
  5. Hey Girl
  6. About An Hour Ago/On Top The Cage
  7. This Town
  8. So Moved On
  9. Lay Down
  10. Dinner Last Night
  11. Untitled
  12. Shattered
  13. About Mr Brown
  14. Over And Over
  15. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker
  16. Night Shift


I enjoyed the show, but I just don't like the venue... I wish they would have played 19 songs instead of 16...

It was great as usual though...
OMG. what a show...it was an awesome night and O.A.R. put on an awesome show!