07/21/13 The Red Hat Amphitheater


Definitely one of the best I've experienced - even topped this year's Red Rocks show - though hearing "I Will Find You" in Red Rocks with the Super Moon was pretty cool. Still, Raleigh was the old O.A.R. -- the way they are meant to be heard. Way to go, guys!!! Can't wait for the new album
Fave show so far--better than Red Rocks or the Charlotte ampitheater/Fillmore in 2009.The energy was GREAT and only got better as the show(
What a great show! The energy of the crowd and the band were amazing. This has to be one of the best O.A.R. shows I've been to. I just wish they would have done one of their own songs in the encore.
Show #14 may have been the best yet. AM and AS were amazing openers (and closers for that matter). The rain, the lightning, the train going by, the shimmer wall, and a really good, well-behaved crowd. Real nice. This was up there with the Meijer Gardens 2012 show where OAR opened up for.... OAR. That was special. Thanks, gents.
Awesome show. The harder the rain fell, the more the crowd and the band got into it. Best show I have been to in a while and awesome show by the boys!