09/06/15 Ravinia Festival
09/06/15 Ravinia Festival
Due to restrictions this show is unavailable.


Easily in my top 3 shows out of the 32 shows i've been to! Plus I was in the second row! I can see why its restricted (covers of "don't you"), but man - what a show.
What is the reason for the restrictions? At the show I remember ravinia saying this show is recorded and will be on liveoar.com. I waited a long time wondering if there were some difficulties with the show or something. Did I need to purchase the VIP pass to get access to it similar to what the website says you get a free download of this show at https://events.applauze.com/events/2942935 ?

Anyways I really enjoyed the show, it has been my fourth time seeing you guys and you just keep on getting better. My favorite was at Naperville for playing No Women No Cry though.
what gives???