12/31/09 House of Blues Atlantic City
O.A.R. Live at the House Of Blues in Atlantic City, New Jersey on December 31st, 2009


  1. Love And Memories
  2. If Only She Knew
  3. On Top The Cage
  4. Conquering Fools
  5. Hey Girl
  6. Tonight
  7. City On Down
  8. Shattered
  9. 52-50
  10. Delicate Few
  11. Light Switch Sky
  12. With A Little Help From My Friends
  13. Lay Down
  14. I Feel Home
  15. Whose Chariot
  16. That Was a Crazy Game of Poker


Time of my life that night, what a show, and it felt so personable bringing in the new year with O.A.R.

While I am happy to have this show the audio is terrible. The recording is way off, the volume is low, and worse of all you cannot hear the crowd at all. We brought in the new year during city on down and you can't even hear the count down and cheering it just sounds like a pause. Wish it was better recorded.
Best time ever in AC! Made me an O.A.R. fan all over with this kick ass setlist. SO glad I was there! What happened to the bass in this recording though (sounds like it was recorded in a tincan full of treble)?
The show is amazing, one of the best i've ever heard, the audio quality is decent, too much treble, but still a fantastic show.